The Session

A therapy session with me is 50-minutes long and is your time to explore anything you like.  While each session is unique - you can expect some of the following from a session:

  • Going Deeper.  In therapy we go below the surface of an issue.  As you bring an issue - the fight with your boss or that troubling dream you had last night - we explore the complexity of what you bring.  I listen to ALL of you to understand more fully. What are your eyes saying to me? How does your tone change? How do I feel hearing your story?  We also explore the issue in terms of your personal history. As a result you get a deeper understanding of who you are. It’s like working through a tangled knot - we untie the various threads of your issue, so that you can have full awareness of your problem. 

  • Experiments.  As we examine your issue, I offer clients the opportunity to safely explore the issue-at-hand.  I use creative means - movement, dance, art, play, metaphor, writing, meditation - whatever seems appropriate in the moment, to help you with your issue.  Have trouble making eye contact with people? We can experiment with how you make (or don’t make) eye contact with me. The therapy session becomes a safe place to explore your challenges.

  • Homework.  Typically at the end of a session, I give homework, a small application of what we looked at in the session to take out into the world.  This way therapy becomes something real for you to practice in your day-to-day life.